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Beautiful yarn and garment displayed with flowers, Textile Talk with Northern Yarns

Textile Talk with Northern Yarns

Hello, everyone, and a very warm welcome to this textile talk podcast. I’m Gail Cowley and I’ll be your host today. Joining me is Kate Makin, who owns Northern Yarn in Lancaster, England.  Northern Yarn is an independent wool shop situated in the historic city of Lancaster, with a strong

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Latest book releases for textile enthusiasts this summer

Latest Books For Textile Enthusiasts

At the School of Stitched Textiles we’ve been known to embroider on the beach and crochet in the garden. Whatever you’re planning this summer, it’ll probably include some textile crafting! Right? Whether you’re a looking for a portable project to take on the plane, learn a new craft or want

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Melanie Couffe tell us 'Colour is Life' in her exclusive interview with the School of Stitched Textiles

Melanie Couffe, ‘Colour Is Life’

Melanie Couffe is an independent Cross Stitch and Blackwork designer, published author, and a self-proclaimed lover of colour! Her ‘Colour is Life’ motto is an integral part of her style and designs, through which she hopes to spread joy and love! Born in the UK but now living in the

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Understanding what size crochet hook to use in your project

What Size of Crochet Hook to use for your Project

Ever wondered why your crochet doesn’t look like the pattern? Or perhaps you’re just started out and you don’t know what a ‘stitch gauge’ is? This is the blog for you! With the help form our expert tutors we’re explaining everything you need to know about the difference between crochet

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Christmas Crafts for Stitch Enthusiasts

Christmas Crafts for Stitch Enthusiasts

At the School of Stitched Textiles we’re passionate about three things:  Textile Education (it’s what we do) Promoting crafts and creativity (it’s so good for mindfulness and wellbeing) Independent craft and haberdashery stores (we’d be miserable without them) So, we’ve come up with a way to combine our passions in

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16 Latest Book Releases for Textile Enthusiasts

16 Latest Textile Books for Stitch Enthusiasts

Christmas wouldn’t be ‘Christmas’ without a little bit of Christmas Crafting. So, to get those creative juices flowing we’ve put together a fabulous list of 16 latest textile books for stitch enthusiasts.  Like busy little Christmas elves, we’ve been browsing the bookshelves to produce this latest list containing the newest

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24 of the latest book releases for the stitchers

24 of the Latest Textile Books for Stitch Enthusiasts

With the threat of an extended lockdown Christmas just won’t be the same this year. Fortunately, we’ve been busy browsing the book shelves to produce an epic list of the very latest book releases. Covering everything from Whitework, to Weaving, and Macramé to mending, this list will surely keep the

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We're asking stitchers to help us salvage our independent craft stores.

Stitchers! Your Independent Craft Stores Need Your Help

Since the financial crash in 2009 we have seen so many of our beloved retail stores fall by the wayside. Not only are shoppers increasingly heading online, consumers are attracted to suppliers that offer the cheapest and fastest shipping. Who can blame them! For many owners, this means adapting quickly

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Holiday Shopping – Barcelona

As tutors, we’re often asked if we can suggest textile orientated ‘finds’ abroad. Perhaps a wonderful fabric shop, an interesting purveyor of knitting yarn or just somewhere that we think students will find inspirational for design work.

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Latest textile books

Latest Textile Books for the Ultimate Enthusiast

We’ve compiled a list of the latest textile books on offer that aim to inspire, encourage and impart creative wisdom. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a stitching enthusiast or simply want to stock pile reading material for the winter; we’re sure you’ll find the perfect book, right here.

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