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Crocheted bunting by crochet graduate Eve Llewellyn.

The Therapeutic Power of Crochet

Eve Llewellyn shares her heartfelt story of resilience and passion for crochet. Despite facing challenges due to a spinal stroke at a young age, she discovered the therapeutic power of crochet, igniting a lifelong passion for creating beautiful textiles. Having completed our intermediate crochet course (Skill Stage 3), Eve told us that

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Clare Allison explains how the making of this beautiful patchwork table runner gave her an opportunity to develop creatively.

An Opportunity To Develop Creatively

Clare Allison’s story will sound so familiar to many of us. Having always dabbled with various textile crafts, it wasn’t until her children went off to university that Clare had time to pursue and explore her creative side. Having completed our Beginner’s Patchwork and Quilting Course (Skill Stage 2) Clare

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Final assessment piece by Hand Embroidery graduate Teresa Miller explains how she has learnt different way to generate design ideas.

I Learnt Different Ways to Generate Design Ideas

In the midst of uncertainty and solitude during the Covid lockdowns, many found solace in various hobbies. For Teresa Miller, it was a journey back to her roots of crafting that not only helped her navigate through the tough times but also unlocked a newfound passion for hand embroidery. Having

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Gaining The Confidence to Teach Crochet Workshops

Judy Sendrove is our latest Crochet Graduate to complete our intermediate crochet course (Skill Stage 3). She has kindly shared her experience of studying with us and talks about developing an ability to progress her own ideas and designs, and gaining enough confidence to teach Crochet workshops! This is her

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A selection of naturally dyed yarns by crochet graduate Vivienne Richmond

My Obsession with Dyeing Began with Module 6

When Vivienne Richmond decided to study our intermediate Crochet course (Skill Stage 3), she didn’t really know where it would take her. However, she knew that she wanted an accreditation from a professional body like City and Guilds because she knew that the course offered high standards of learning which

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Knitting sample by graduate Jan Lidgley who told us she now thinks differently about design and creativity

A New Way of Thinking About Design and Creativity

Although Jan is an experienced knitter, she often felt limited by her technical ability to execute her designs properly. Having attended a few courses she yearned for a more comprehensive course that would introduce her to a wider range of skills and essential approaches to design. Having completed our Knitting

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A graduate story by hand embroidery graduate, Victoria Vinten

I Have the Confidence to Achieve My Goals

We often hear that hobbies, creativity and passions get sidelined for raising families, pursuing careers and other commitments. This was a similar experience for our next graduate, Victoria Vinten. When Victoria’s children started school she began to explore her creative side but struggled to find a group or course that

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Learning to think outside the box, a graduate story by Stéphanie Stafrach

Learning to Think Outside the Box

As an avid crafter and crochet addict Stéphanie Stafrach had accumulated a lot of hand-made items. Having decided to sell them she turned to our professionally accredited Crochet Skill Stage 3 course to develop in-depth skills to sell with confidence. This is her #MyStitchJourney. “The thing I am most grateful

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A graduate story by hand embroidery grad, Jo Edwards-Goodman

Learning to Trust My Design Instinct

Jo Edwards-Goodman has completed two course with us: Hand Embroidery skill stage 2 and 3. Her motivation was to consolidate and elevate her skills while proving to herself that she could complete a course with some vigour and challenge. Jo now has a new found confidence in her creative abilities

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Work by Patchwork and Quilting graduate, Fiona McGilvray

Fiona McGilvray: Achieving Results Beyond Expectations

Fiona McGilvray often wished she had pursued a more ‘creative career’. However, when the opportunity to channel energy into doing something she loved arose, she knew she had to take it. Having studied our intermediate Patchwork & Quilting course (Skill Stage 3), Fiona graduated with, not only a huge sense

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