A collection of embroidery work by Machine Embroidery artists you have to follow

In our latest instalment of our ‘Inspirational Artists’ Series, we’re looking at the pioneers of Machine Embroidery. These Machine Embroidery artists are guaranteed to inspire budding artists and admirers.  As usual, we’ve combed the web and Instagram to find established and lesser-known artists that are really making waves with their creations. 

The term ’embroidery’ often gets over-looked in the art world; regarded as nothing more than a craft. But these machine embroidery artists prove that masterpieces can be created from excellent craftsmanship, creativity and a trusted sewing machine. There are so many machine embroidery artists and makers excelling at exhibiting their own work and living off commissions. We’ve hand selected some of our favourites who are continually pushing the realms of creativity.

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Rachel Ryan 

Rachel is a textile artist from Newfoundland, now living and working in Nova Scotia. Rachel has won numerous awards including the West Award for Personal Expression in 2015. Her abstract and free, creative style reminds us of works by Munch or Van Gogh. Lovely! 

Instagram | Facebook

Rachel Ryan collection
Machine embroidery work by Rachel Ryan
Rachel Ryan featured embroidery artist

Antje Rook Textile Art

Antje is a contemporary textile artist with a varied and collective approach to her work. However, underpinning her pieces is a theme: an interest in human connections, the lives of women, texture and colour. 

Instagram | Website

Antje Rook artwork
Work by Antje Rook
Antje Rook machine embroidery piece

Suzette Smart

Textiles artist and tutor Suzette Smart is definitely one to watch. She tells her personal stories of journeys and experiences through her stitches and mixed-media pieces, building layer-upon-layer of little hidden treasures. 

Instagram |  Website

Work by Suzette Smart
Suzette Smart
Suzette Smart machine embroidery work

Michelle Mischkulnig

We’re no stranger of Michelle’s Work. In fact, Michelle was the very first artist we interviewed for our inspirational artist series. Living and working in Australia, Michelle’s work has so much to offer. Striking designs and vibrant colours are a guarantee. 

Instagram | FacebookWebsite

Vibrant colourful flowers by Michelle Mischkulnig
Michelle Mischkulnig
Creative machine emboridery by Michelle Mischkulnig

Sally Darlison

Sally describes herself as a collage artist. She combines fabric, maps, photos, text and print and stitches it all together to create stories inspired by nature and urban landscapes. We love her simplistic and effective style. 

Instagram | FacebookWebsite

Sally Darlison
Sally Darlison machine embroidered scene
Sally Darlison

Cheryl Bridgart

Contemporary, multi-faceted artist Cheryl Bridgart draws with her sewing machine. Unconventionally, she doesn’t pre-draw the piece first but simply lets her machine translate her vision. Some of her pieces can take up to 400 hours to complete. She also teaches and has done countless solo exhibitions world world.

Instagram | FacebookWebsite 


Work by Cheryl Bridgart
Impressive portrait by Cheryl Bridgart
Cheryl Bridgart machine embroidery work

Sarah Lawton

Textile Artist Sarah Lawton uses free machine embroidery to create these beautiful and enchanting pieces. We hope she continues to publish more work because it’s too good to miss. 


Embroidered tree by Sarah Lawton
Work by Sarah Lawton
Sarah Lawton work

Katy Rundle Art

Textile artist and painter, Katy Rundle is based in Hampshire.

Her work has been inspired and influenced by two years living in Kenya. A love of colour, pattern and light was enriched by the Kenyan culture, climate, wildlife, and the work of local artisans.

Instagram | Website

Embroidered elephant by Kay Rundel
Hippo detail machine embroidery by kay Rundel
Embroidered Hippo by Kay Rundel

Julie Heaton

Textile artist Julie Heaton creates pieces that are freely stitched by machine and was awarded third place for The Hand and Lock Prize in 2019. Her latest piece, Couple of the Tube, was a test of her abilities; a challenge to see if she could stitch faces. You can read more about her approach to tackling the project here.

Instagram | FacebookWebsite 

Julie Heaton free machine embroidery
Elderly couple on the underground by Julie Heaton
Close up detail of face portrait by Julie Heaton

Mary Sutton

Mary makes her pieces by layering organza fabric and drawing over the top of them with free machine embroidery.  And we just love the results. You can explore her techniques and pieces inspired by the environment and wildlife from on her site. 

Instagram | Facebook | Website  

Gorgeous machine embroidery by Mary Sutton
Work by Mary Sutton
Embroidery work by Mary Sutton

Amanda Hartland

Free machine embroiderer, Amanda Hartland creates whimsical and enchanted scenes from pictures captured on her camera. Please visit her website to view her images up-close to see the immense amount of depth and detail. Just stunning. 

Instagram | Facebook | Website

Machine embroidery by Amanda Hartland
Work by Amanda Hartland
Amanda Hartland Machine Embroidery

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