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To participate in the Stitch Directory all businesses and users must adhere to the following Terms of Use as set out by the School of Stitched Textiles. Please note that the School of Stitched Textiles (SST) upholds the right to add or amend these Terms when more features are added.

1. The directory is primarily a place for information. Its purpose is to provide students and crafters with information about Independent craft stores within their local area or across a wider geographical location.

2. The Stitch Directory is specifically for independent stores owners that have a physical or online presence. Franchised businesses and large corporations cannot be included.

3. The Stitch Directory has been created to be a ‘user-generated’ directory. This means that we ask our online community to suggest business that they would recommend to others.

4. Once a business has been recommended the SST will make several attempts to contact the businesses to ask if they would like to add their business to the directory. Businesses will be automatically unsubscribed from our mailing list if businesses do not ‘claim their business’ within a set period defined by when the first email is sent.  If businesses do not wish to be contacted by the SST they can opt out of receiving emails from the SST any time and they will be unsubscribed from all mailing lists.

5. The SST will encourage visitors to the Stitch Directory to leave honest reviews for any business listed on the Stitch Directory.

6. The SST upholds the right to moderate, approve and remove any reviews, comments or ratings that are deemed unhelpful, irrelevant, slanderous, non genuine, or that contain any explicit content. The reviewer will not be notified if their comment is rejected or deleted.

7. The SST upholds the right to remove any comments made by businesses that are deemed unhelpful, irrelevant, slanderous, non genuine, or that contain any explicit content.

8. By adding your business you are providing consent for the SST to share details of your businesses across our marketing platforms, such as social media, newsletters and be displayed on our website.

9. Data held on users or businesses will not be shared or sold with any 3rd parties and will be managed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

10. Business owners are responsible for maintaining their own listings. This includes keeping the listed business up to date with the correct name, address and contact details at all times.

11. SST cannot be held responsible for any incorrect or out of date information submitted by businesses using the directory. So, if you intend on making a journey, it is always best to check directly with the business prior, especially for opening times and types of stock held.

12. Businesses will get the chance to upgrade their listing by participating in mutually beneficial initiatives outlined by the SST. This may include becoming an affiliate of the SST, promoting the SST, or any other activities devised and outlined by the SST.

13. Businesses reserve the right to remove their listing at any time.

14. Businesses agree to be subscribed to the SST mailing list so that we can communicate with you about new features, processes and other important updates.

15. The SST plan to develop the Stitch Directory to enhance the experience for its users. The SST endeavour to keep businesses informed about any updates that may directly impact on their listing.

16. The SST has the right to remove any businesses or users that contravene these terms and conditions.

Any technical support, complaints or requests should be made by contacting sarah@sofst.org

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