Nurturing Creativity
for Textile Artists
gaining the confidence to create unique patchwork designs

I Wanted to Create My Own Patchwork Designs.

Like so many of our graduates Jenna has always loved sewing. As a teacher and owner of Exeter Sewing Machine Company the accredited educational programmes offered at the School of Stitched Textiles have given her the confidence to develop her own ideas and create her own unique Patchwork designs. Discover

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Gaining Creative Confidence: A Graduate Story

Don’t be put off from doing a creative textiles course because you feel that you lack creativity or art and design skills. When Judith Mott started a Level 3 in Patchwork & Quilting course with the School of Stitched Textiles she didn’t consider herself to be ‘a creative person’. Read

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Nurturing creativity and unlocking creative potential

How We Nurture Creativity and Unlock Creative Potential

Patterns! If you look hard enough patterns can emerge in our mundane routines and can even be found in the extraordinary – when you least expect them. Whether it’s a pattern in behaviour, our own emotions or even a pattern that you’re working on, they’re an inescapable part of our

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